Recognizing India's top innovators and potential Entrepreneurs of the Year
Important : The list of selected Innovations for i3 Expo, 2014 has been released, please click here to view it.

About the Initiative

  • Objectives

    The objective of the “India Innovation Initiative 2014” is to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system in the country by sensitizing, encouraging and promoting student innovators and facilitating commercialization of their innovations, and recognizing India’s most potential Entrepreneurs.

  • Benefits and Awards

    1. Promoting a culture of innovation in India.
    2. Identifying, rewarding and facilitating commercialization of potential innovations,
    3. Addressing the various socio-economic challenges of industry and society through innovations.
    4. Promotion of India's innovation prowess in Science and Technology nationally.
    5. Empowering people to create new ventures and start-ups as an alternative career option.
    6. Rewarding successful innovators by connecting them to industry, investors and incubators.
    7. Promoting entrepreneurship and generating new jobs / employment
    8. Top innovators and potential entrepreneurs will be recognized and awarded.
    9. i3 partners to provide incubation & mentoring support to select i3 participants.
  • Important Dates

    Inclusive Innovations 2015 coming soon

Last Year’s Innovation Event

In i3-2013, around 600 innovations were received from across the country.

About i3

Issues/Problems/Crisis lead to various thoughts in our minds, which give birth to ideas. When these ideas are expressed and acted upon they transform into solutions, discoveries and sometimes INNOVATIONS.

To promote and inculcate a spirit of innovation in India, and to encourage application of breakthrough technology / ideas in society, CII has been working with the government, industry leaders, funding bodies, incubators and other stakeholders. The India Innovation Initiative- i3, run by CII with partners such as DST, AICTE, industry, VCs and incubators for the past five years is a glowing example of such an initiative which encourages commercialization of innovation for all sections of society.

“India Innovation Initiative 2014” will be invited to scout the best solutions and fund the potential projects leading to commercialization of technology.

Eligibility Criteria for Application
Indian Nationals
Prototype (Working model) of the Innovation available
Innovation(s) to address industrial or societal challenges

Terms and conditions

  1. The participants should be Indian Nationals.
  2. The participants should have a prototype of their innovation.
  3. All participants to adhere to the last dates for different stages as mentioned in the website
  4. The jury is constituted by all the partners of i3 and eminent people from Government, Industry and Academia
  5. The assessment criteria for awardees and/or participating individuals/persons shall not be challengeable at any stage.
  6. The decision of the i3 Jury at all levels (Online and National Fair) shall be final and binding. All participants have to abide by the decision of the jury.
  7. No interim or later communication with regard to the decision or its veracity shall be entertained and shall be viewed seriously.
  8. CII may take necessary action as per its discretion against the participant, in the event of violation of the terms and conditions.
  9. For previous applicants of i3:
    a. Same project cannot be submitted more than two times.
    b. Projects that have won i3 or Yi awards are not eligible.

Innovation Categories

Innovation Categories and Submissions

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Water
  4. Energy
  5. Transportation
  6. Agriculture
  7. Sanitation
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Environment
  10. IT & Communication
  11. Skill Development
  12. Others