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Human tagging for criminal identification

Human tagging has not been a new technology, but at the same it is not used for many applications. Following opportunities can be drawn. Criminals escaping from any route will be caught off easily The ...

Water supply management

-Stakeholder for this projects are : -All employee works at Water reservoir -All employee works at WTP (Water treatment plant). -All Plumbers.

Smart dustbin

To facilitate PMC for monitoring the actions of the garbage collectors.

women security

Stakeholders : Police (Cyber crime branch) Opportunity Space : Every other women on social media faces harassment by some person, solution is not to remain silent. Viewpoint : The police would have co ...

Smart security

We have the golden opportunity to get rid of the problem with utilization of resources we are using. In current digital scenario, where everyone is using smartphones and using internet, we can establi ...

Smart Meter

The problem is from both sides as a customer of MSEDCL as well as the organization itself. Distribution of bills and generation of bills is a problem. End user will get a detailed idea about the power ...

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