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Fine Collection

This application will reduce corruption as the application will prompt the amount to be collected with respect to the rules broken.

USecure-Android mobile application

USecure will provide verification as well as contact details of the workers.It will help you to verify whether the worker is legitimate or not. We have devised a technique that will prevent them from ...

Smart Pune: PMPML Android App

pmpml, public, traffic police, advertisers are main stakeholders. later integration with e-governance framework proposed.

Smart card Ticketing for PMPL

New level of customer service. Reduce money exchange affairs. Proper Statistics management of PMPML database as well as passenger’s information Reduce manual efforts. Feasible for common man.


- It changes the static timing of traffic lights to dynamic thus making traffic flow seamless. -The loopholes in this system is negligible because the main server has a backup of all signal functionin ...

Smart Traffic Controller System

I think that this innovation is better because, we are using the existing system i.e.CCTV camera(which sense the number plate of vehicle).Time synchronization of the signals is the main issue that ...

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