In line with i4C’s vision to encourage technology-driven breakthroughs that make life simpler, we had planned an i4C Blogathon.
This has encouraged students across India to create and foster a culture of innovative thinking. i4C Blogathon is a technical blog-writing competition that allowed students to explore 3 crucial topics.
350+ plus entries received
for i4C Blogathon!

Congratulations to
our Star Bloggers

9 Winners
Participants from colleges
all over India

(UG, PG & PH.D.)
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Dhanashree Revagade
3rd Year, Comp/IT
1st Runner Up
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Aishwariya Elangovan
4th Year, Electronics/Electrical
St.Joseph's College of Engg
2nd Runner Up
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Nikhil Agarwal
3rd Year, Comp/IT
Consolation Prize Winners
Mohit Gupta
2nd Year, Comp/IT
Bhagalpur College of Engineering
Aswathy Pillai
4th Year, Comp/IT
College of Engineering Pathanapuram, Kollam, Punalur
Sachin Bhatt
2nd Year, Comp/IT
Gyanmanjari Institute of Tech
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Sunil Singh
2nd Year, Electronics/Electrical
IIT Mandi
1st Runner Up
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Saurabh Gupta
PhD, Comp/IT
New Delhi
2nd Runner Up
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Hima Varshini Parasa
3rd Year, Comp/IT
Consolation Prize Winners
Reena Srinivasan
2nd Year, Comp/IT
Kumaraguru College of Tech
Vedeshwari Raut
2nd Year, Comp/IT
Amrutvahini COE,Sangamner
Deeksha Shukla
1st Year, Electronics/Electrical
Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow
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Gayathri S K
3rd Year, Electronics/Electrical
Sethu Institute of Technology
1st Runner Up
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Anushree Krishania
2nd Year, Comp/IT
NIIT University
2nd Runner Up
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Ruchika Pande
3rd Year, Comp/IT
Consolation Prize Winners
Bharkavi Sandhiya M
2nd Year, Electronics/Electrical
Sethu Institute of Technology
Abhijit Tripathy
1st Year, Comp/IT
Guru Ghasidas University
Nathan Kazaka
2nd Year, Comp/IT
Kristu Jayanti College
We thank all the enthusiastic technical writers who participated in i4C Blogathon!
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About i4C Blogathon
  • The blog may take inspiration from few of the expert blogs; however, it should not infringe on the intellectual property rights, copy rights and other rights for content, graphics, icons, images, etc. If any such incident occurs, i4C will not be held responsible or liable for any infringement of IPR or copy rights. It will be the sole responsibility of the blogger/ contestant.
  • By enrolling for this competition, you give us rights to utilize your blog for our website, publicity, any other not-for-profit means and for social media promotion without any additional fees.
  • i4C and SIH will also add their logos on your blogs and the social media posts promoting it!
  • If no entry is found worth awarding, then i4C holds the right to not announce any prizes at all.
  • Postponing or cancelling the contest, due to any unavoidable reason, is the sole discretion of i4C.
  • If your entry makes it to the top 6 in any of the three categories, our judges will have a Skype interview with you.
  • Only college students (UG, PG & Ph.D.) between the age group of 16-25 can participate in the contest.
  • Blog entries by individual students only. Blog entry by 2 or more writers will be disqualified.
  • All submissions are to be made by completing the Google form.
  • All entries were uploaded on Google form.
  • Blog has to be in English and will be uploaded in both Word and PDF format.
  • Word limit of each blog will be between 800 to 1500 words.
  • If you submit the entry twice, your latest entry will be considered.
  • It is MANDATORY to upload your college ID with the college name, your name and photo clearly visible. Also, update your college faculty’s name and contact details in the form.
  • The i4C selection committee reserves the right for disqualifying entries based on noncompliance to the rules.
  • All the decisions will be deemed final as decided by the experts of the i4C selection committee and cannot be appealed. No correspondence or representation shall be entertained against the same.
  • Relevance to topic
  • Utilization of visual aids
  • Originality and innovation
  • Quality of analysis
  • Understanding and research
  • Applicability of solutions
  • Structure of blog and technical concepts
  • Credit to sources
  • Check for your Grammar errors on Grammarly
  • Utilize online free software to ensure that plagiarism does not exist in your entry.
  • Use easy to understand English language and do not get into Jargons
  • Use references for original source and images wherever applicable.
  • Add value to the topics based on your personal thoughts.
DO’S &
  • Each participant can participate with separate entries for all 3 topics. However, refrain from making multiple entries on the same topic.
  • Use visual aids like charts, photos, images, icons, infographics, etc. However, use copyright free images.
  • Prepare well for the subject. If your entry makes it to the top 6 in any of the category, a final round of skype interview by our expert judge with each shortlisted participant will be conducted.
  • Cite the source of the original idea and its author and the images at the bottom, under the references section.
  • Download and Use this format for writing your blogs.
  • No plagiarism will be accepted, and entries will be disqualified if this takes place.
  • Do not use any copy righted images/graphics/icons/charts/etc.
  • If you win any prize in the i4C Blogathon, you cannot publish the blog on any other forum.
  • Entries without references for images and original source and its author, will get disqualified.
  • Content should not contain obscene language, photos or links.
  • Intentionally misleading, defamatory, fraudulent and deceptive content will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification.
Click here to view the General Guidelines, Rules, Do’s & Don’ts, etc.
For any queries or more details about i4C Blogathon, please mail us on blogathon@i4cin