Smart School Hackathon Goa 2020

A unique opportunity for school children in Goa is coming up, with the Smart School Hackathon for the state. This will present them with challenges and a chance to develop their knowledge and confidence.

The first hackathon was held in January 2020 for schools in Pune and Nashik. 40 shortlisted teams fought the Grand Finale of the Smart School Hackathon with tremendous energy and enthusiasm shown by kids and teachers alike.

We now invite all schools from Goa to come forward and send their teams for the Goa edition which will be the first state-level Hackathon for schools in India!

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Question on how to participate in the Hackathon FAQs.

Experts Speak

The Smart School Hackathon is a fabulous opportunity for #LittleInventors to work on real-life challenges and apply science and innovation to find solutions. Students get an opportunity to interact with leaders from science and industry.

Learn more on - What is a Hackathon? What are the Problem Statements? How to Participate?

Mr. Vivek Kulkarni
Vivek Kulkarni invites schools in Goa to participate in the upcoming SmartSchoolHackathon in Goa.

Mr. Deakin Daney
Deakin Daney, VP - RBL Bank explains what a hackathon is all about - it's about creating a leaner, meaner, cost-effective solution to the problem presented to you.

Dr. Ashok Korwar
Ashok Korwar, Advisor and Leadership Coach, Persistent Systems, emphasizes three important things children need to focus on in their future path: happiness. health, resourcefulness.

Mr. Kapil Kulkarni
Kapil Kulkarni, Lead - L&D Faculty, Persistent University, explains how solving problems requires clarity of your goal and a connection to people whose problem you are solving - and this then allows you to get into a creative mode and leads to the magic of problem-solving!

Tentative Schedule

June 30, 2020 Formal announcement in Schools/ Unveiling of problem statements
July 1 – July 20, 2020 Idea submission via Videos on portal (
July 25 – Aug 5, 2020 Evaluation of Idea Submission
Aug 10 – 24, 2020 Special Online Trainings
Aug 30, 2020 Announcement of Shortlisted teams for the Grand Finale
Sep 2020 (Date TBD) Smart School Hackathon Finale

Coming Soon...

Problem Statements
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Past Event

The Goa edition of the Smart School Hackathon builds on the success of the first edition conducted for schools in Pune and Nashik.

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Smart School Hackathon Pune - Report

Expert Talks SSH | Pune

Mr. Vivek Kulkarni
Listen in to Vivek Kulkarni, Chief Architect, Persistent LABS and Coordinator - Executive Commitee for SSH2020 as he walks us through the idea behind the SmartSchoolHackathan2020.

Dr. R Venkateswaran
R. Venkateswaran (popularly known as Venki), SVP, Industrial and IoT Solutions, Persistent Systems, Ltd. talks about Internet of Things or IoT.

Mr. Gireendra Kasmalkar
Gireendra Kasmalkar - Founder & CEO, Ideas to Impacts Innovations Pvt. Ltd. congratulates and addresses finalists for the Smart School Hackathon 2020.

Dr. Pratap Sanap
Dr Pratap Sanap, Solution Architect, Persistent LABS, Persistent Systems, explains what is Machine Vision or Video Analytics for the benefit of finalists of Smart School Hackathon 2020.

Dr. Arun Jamkar
Dr Arun Jamkar, Director & Founder Member, i4C, congratulates finalists of Smart School Hackathon 2020 and talks about having a scientific attitude, how to look at things differently and inculcating curiosity.