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About i4C

Inter Institutional Inclusive Innovations Center (i4c) is an independent, non-profit entity. It identifies people from India with innovative ideas. It is a facilitator for people with out-of-box ideas, or innovative working prototypes. i4c aims to create and foster a culture of innovative thinking. The purpose is to manifest latent ideas into commercial products that can benefit humanity in general, and help solve India's existing social perils in particular.


Vision At i4C, we envision India as a vibrant, self-sustaining, innovation-driven economy. We invite original, innovative ideas from you, that have the potential to transform lives. We help you develop your ideas into high value products and technologies that will have the power to impact lives.


Mission We are committed to build an ecosystem that supports and promotes disruptive technology innovation in India. We celebrate divergent thinking and foster creative solutions. We provide a platform to mentor, support, encourage, incubate your ideas, ensuring that your innovations see the light of day. We also proactively scout for pan-India innovations through competitions, exhibitions and seminars that we organize.


Work i4c also conducts idea and innovation competitions to bring to fore high-potential ideas that can be developed into commercial-products for advancement of society.

i4c reaches out to the most interior of hinterlands in India to scout for innovative ideas. There may be students in far-flung villages having path-breaking ideas, but do not know how to take them forward. i4c conducts idea and innovation competitions involving schools and education institutions even from the remotest of villages.

People will think out-of-the-box, when there is a prevailing culture of innovative thinking. i4c encourages all educational institutes to have an idea and innovation club, and celebrate one day in a year as innovation day.


i4c provides a platform to people from India with ideas and prototypes, which can be transformed into working products. It also assigns mentors in the form of eminent scholars to guide and counsel the innovators. Additionally, the selected innovators are provided financial aid in order to further develop and nurture their ideas so that their ideas can become sustainable products benefitting society at large. The benefits an innovator can derive from i4c, are explained in detail below.

Platform - i4c provides a platform to people with ideas from even the remotest of villages in India to showcase their ideas or prototypes to industry experts, scholars, industrial houses, venture capitalists, and other funding agencies by hosting competitions among educational institutions involving erudite thought leaders of India, industrial houses, and media coverage.

Mentorship - Thought leaders like Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, and many other illustrious scholars are associated with i4c. Once an idea is identified as one with potential, the innovator of the respective idea is assigned a mentor. The mentor guides and counsels the innovator to further refine their ideas.

Financial aid - i4c directs the selected innovators to industrialists, funding agencies, or venture capitalists in order to receive financial aids. After determining the commercial viability of the innovation, these entities fund them for further development. At present i4c has 16 industry leaders on board.


Get Inspired!

Expert Experts Speak

Dr. Anand Deshpande
Smart India Hackathon SIH App promotion by Dr. Anand Deshpande

Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe
Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman AICTE & Smart India Hackathon 2017 talks about the process of Smart India Hackathon and how it will involve engineering students across India to provide technology solutions to real time problems faced by our country.

Shri Prakash Javadekar
Shri Prakash Javadekar, hon'ble Union Minister of Human Resources, introduces Smart India Hackathon 2017.

Mr. Ravi Pandit
i4C presents India's Idea - Dr Abhay Jere in Conversation with Mr. Ravi Pandit

Mr. Pramod Chaudhari
Mr. Pramod Chaudhari is the founder and executive chairman of Praj Industries. Mr. Chaudhari elaborately talks about how he became an entrepreneur and the hurdles he faced. He also speaks about the ease of doing business post liberalization in 1991, among many others.

Dr. Kasim Mookhtiar
Dr. Abhay Jere, CEO-i4C, Head-Persistent Labs, talks to Dr. Kasim A. Mookhthiar, PhD- CEO & Managing Director - Advinus Therapeutics (TATA Enterprises)

Inspiring Stories

Expert Inspiring Stories


Chewang Norphel
The 'Ice Man of India', Chewang Norphel finds an answer to rising problem of drinking water in Ladakh. His solution? Creating Artificial Glaciers!


Project Belaku
Four engineering graduates from MSRIT, Bangalore have turned their dream into reality by providing solar-based home lighting system to some remote villages in Karnataka.


Anil and Pamela Malhotra
Anil and Pamela Malhotra turned their dream into reality by creating a 300 acre private wildlife sanctuary in Kodagu, Karnataka. The sanctuary boasts of several endangered wild animals, hundreds of species of birds and indigenous trees with medicinal value.


Simon Oraon
Simon Oraon - who devoted his life for the cause of water conservation and environment welfare, has just been awarded India's fourth highest civilian award - the Padma Shri, in recognition of his noble lifetime achievement. Read the article on his inspiring work.


Srikanth Bolla
Born blind and poor, Srikanth Bolla was castigated upon by relatives and neighbors, and his parents were advised to smother the baby immediately after birth to get rid of a lifelong "burden". This supposed burden went on to study in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and then returned to India to become the founder and CEO of a 50-crore worth company - Bollant Industries, providing employment to differently abled people like him.

Expert Amazing Innovation


Mr. Biplab Paul
Waterlogging on arable land and subsequent loss of land fertility is a farmer's nightmare. Each year millions of acres of land around the world loses its fertility this way. A simple innovation called Bhungroo might just be the perfect solution for this problem.


Dr. Vishal Rao
Bengaluru based oncologist, Dr. Vishal Rao has innovated a voice prosthesis that can help throat cancer patients speak after surgery. Unlike the other exorbitant voice prosthesis available in the market, this one costs merely Rs.50.


Mr. Nitin Sisodia
Each year, 150000+ babies with hearing impairment are born in India and remain speechless for lifetime because of late intervention. Nitin Sisodia's Sohum device is a ray of hope to tackle this problem.


Mr. Nikhil Khurana
Nikhil Khurana, a 23 years old engineer from Delhi designed a hybrid-electric retrofit kit for cars, which promises to cut down emissions and increase mileage of cars.


Ms. Richa Singh
Richa Singh and team, who formed the website YourDOST. Richa Singh is the principle co-founder of this website, who converted her idea of healing melancholic people in the comfort of anonymity, without the person having to disclose his or her identity and run the risk of being stigmatized in the society as a mentally ill person.


Mr. Vedant Thaker
This section features an interview with Vedant Thaker - a 11 year old boy from Mumbai, who built an innovative power-source using his father's discarded laptop battery.

Founding Members


Dr. Anand Deshpande
CEO & Managing Director,
Persistent Systems Limited


Dr. Arun Jamkar
Former Vice Chancellor, Maharashtra
University of Health Sciences


Mr. Ravi Pandit
Co-founder, Chairman and
Group CEO of KPIT Technologies


Mr. Pramod Chaudhari
Executive Chairman
Praj Industries


Dr. Ganesh Natrajan
Vice Chairman and CEO,
Zensar Technologies


Mr. Ashok Kataria
Ashoka Buildcom Ltd.


Dr. Rajendra Jagdale
Director General,
Science and Technology Park,


Mr. Ajay Bhagwat
Renu Electronics

Sharad Kalmegh

Mr. Sharad Kalmegh
Founder President,
Swargiya Dadasaheb
Kalmegh Smruti Pratishthan
Dental College & Hospital


Mr. Shrikrishna Chitale
Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

Gireendra Kasmalkar

Mr. Gireendra Kasmalkar
Founder Director and CEO,
Ideas to Impacts Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

C Manivannan

Mr. C. Manivannan
Suma Soft Pvt Ltd

Bharat Agarwal

Mr. Bharat Agarwal
Executive Director,
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

K R Natu

Mr. K R Natu
Managing Director,
Deccan Mechanical and Chemical Industries Private Limited (DEMECH)

Abhay Gadgil

Mr. Abhay Gadgil
PN Gadgil and Sons

Dr Shukla

Dr. Shridhar Shukla
Co-Founder and Chairman,
GS Lab