MoonShotJr Smart School Hackathon 2021

The Moonshot Jr School Hackathon in association with i4C is an Ideation and Innovation Competition aimed at tapping Creativity in school students.

The Hackathon includes problem statements that will make you think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions and win exciting prizes and scholarships. There is no restriction on the medium of education – English or vernacular. You can participate as individuals or teams.

So, what are you waiting for? Registrations for SPOC are now open.

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Final Results

Problem Statements

Nature Around You
For 5th and 6th Standard
Trees, animals, birds, water bodies etc. are all being impacted by the presence of humans. We need innovative solutions to co-exist. The challenge is how to use technology and devices to gain more knowledge and preserve natural habitats around us. Prepare tools and/or design of the city to enable everyone to coexist without stepping into the other’s boundaries. Use of software and hardware tools as sensors in the design will be evaluated and rewarded.
Help Your Teacher
For 5th and 6th Standard
Teachers are the heart for the society. The chance is how you can use technology to support your teacher, alma-mater or college staff to help them help you. Discuss with teachers to identify problems that they face while teaching in class and online. Devise solutions to help teachers in various activities like marking attendance, tracking assignments, evaluating marksheets, and monitoring the class. Innovative solutions to new problems will be rewarded.
Enriching Life with No Knowledge Education
For 7th to 10th Standard
How do we use technology to take the right & appropriate information and provide knowledge & information to all? Some ways of validating information is by tracing the source (example: information hosted on genuine websites), by getting unbiased opinion (example: wikipedia takes opinion from a large number of people from different cultural and geographical background to ensure the validity). Students are expected to come up with ways to validate information in the form of hosted material on the internet.
Smart Home, Better Home
For 7th to 10th Standard
Identify smart solutions to enhance your home and support your parents, grandparents, and maids. For instance, speak to your mom and learn the activities that she performs daily at home. Then identify ways to reduce her workload and help her perform activities more effectively. Design a technological solution to solve problems to improve lifestyle at your home. Most innovative solution that has an impact on many households will be awarded.
Air Pollution - The Silent Killer
For 7th to 10th Standard
Many areas in USA, UK and around the world, face serious air quality problems. It is the most important environmental health risk of our times. Air in our cities is becoming hazardous to breathe. There is an ongoing need to develop solutions for this problem. Devise a solution to measure indoor air quality and outdoor air quality and provide different kinds of alarm to users in case quality is not up to the mark. Providing ways to reduce or control pollution will be an added advantage.
Don’t Flush Our Planet’s Most Valuable Resources
For 7th to 10th Standard
The water scarcity problem is one of the most serious risks, the world is facing at every level. Although water covers 71% of the earth’s surface, only 4% is freshwater and only 0.5% of this water is suitable for human consumption. Hence, there is a need to manage the natural resources in a sustainable way. Looking for an effective solution:

1. To monitor water leakage to avoid water wastage in cities or

2. Help people to reduce unnecessary consumption of water

Past Event: Smart School Hackathon Goa

A unique opportunity for school children in Goa is coming up, with the Smart School Hackathon for the state. This presented them with challenges and a chance to develop their knowledge and confidence.

All schools from Goa were invited to come for the Goa edition which will be the first state-level Hackathon for schools in India!

Past Event: Smart School Hackathon Pune

The first edition conducted for schools in Pune and Nashik.

This hackathon was held in January 2020 for schools in Pune and Nashik. 40 shortlisted teams fought the Grand Finale of the Smart School Hackathon with tremendous energy and enthusiasm shown by kids and teachers alike.

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