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What is ARAI Technovuus Mobility Hackathon 2022?

Hackathons have become increasingly popular as a modern tool to leverage innovation and develop solutions for complex problems, products, and services within a short time. ARAI TechNovuus Mobility hackathon has presented�10 problem statements with the theme of Safe, Sustainable, and Smart mobility solutions for Aatmanirbhar Bharat. �The program would be spread across a span of around�3-4 months�for science and engineering students as participants.

To further entice students to participate, a prize amount of�?1 lakh�per problem statement is being awarded, for a total of up to ?10 lakhs for 10 problem statements. Submission of novel and unique ideas will be encouraged and ensured. Winners may have additional opportunities for further internships or technology up-levelling as an option.

The objective of the Hackathon is to empower students and present the opportunity of making mobility safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

We invite you to apply for the ARAI Technovuus Mobility Hackathon.

ARAI Technovuus Mobility Hackathon's Themes


Safe and Reliable Mobility Solutions.


Intelligent Devices and solutions for advancement of mobility systems


Sustainable mobility solutions for the dynamically changing needs.

Problem Statement - 1

Problem Statement 1 - Reducing glare of headlamp beams from oncoming traffic.
Description:- Develop a smart solution that can control the beam's intensity, throw, and coverage, or a physical system that can reduce the glare of the beam from oncoming traffic.

Problem Statement - 2

Problem Statement 2 - An emergency alert / SoS device that can connect with emergency services and family members in the event of an accident or fall from a 2-wheeler.
Description: Conceptualize a device that can be used to detect falls from 2W accidents and accordingly trigger an emergency response and call for help.

Problem Statement - 3

Problem Statement 3 - A simple data-acquisition system that can monitor and log basic EV performance characteristics.
Develop a data acquisition system and instrumentation that would enable complete data acquisition for an EV vehicle.

Problem Statement - 4

Problem Statement 4 - Re-imagining the 3 wheeler for today's needs and requirements.
Description:- Use your imagination and engineer a modern 3 wheeler that can meet all the needs of a modern vehicle. Develop a design using software tools to showcase your innovation.

Problem Statement - 5

Problem Statement 5 - Develop recyclable textile composites that use non-toxic, reusable resins for use in vehicle body panels and upholstery. The material should be highly durable and able to withstand years of hard use on a vehicle in a variety of environments, climates and use cases (especially Indian).

Problem Statement - 6

Problem Statement 6 -Compact and easy to carry micro-mobility solution.
Description: Develop collapsible/ portable last-mile electric mobility solutions that are viable on Indian roads. Showcase your micro-mobility solution using design software and engineering methodology, ensuring it is a safe, stable, and cost-effective solution.

Problem Statement - 7

Problem Statement 7 - Safety innovations for 2 and 3 wheelers.
Description:- Come up with passive safety solutions for 2W/ 3W's to enhance safety, and ease of use. The solution may also be Personal Protection Equipment that is effective, affordable and fashionable enough to use.

Problem Statement - 8

Problem Statement 8 - Smart helmets for enhanced visibility.
Develop a helmet advance in technology, with a solution to increase driver vision. It can also provide additional warning and assist functions (blind-spot warning, etc.). The solution needs to be cost-effective, clip-on and modular - retrofittable at the very least while remaining practical and not severely impacting vehicle performance.

Problem Statement - 9

Problem Statement 9- 2 wheeler stability at low speeds.
Description:- Develop a solution that stabilises a 2W, especially at low speeds or when coming to a stop. The solution should be aimed primarily at scooters and not take up too much space or payload while not severely impacting mileage/ range and auxiliary consumption.

Problem Statement - 10

Problem Statement 10 - Tire health monitoring system.
Develop a tool that can help identify tire wear, and tire status/life and warn the driver of possible threats accordingly.

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